World Cruises

“Around The World” cruises are the perfect voyages for those who want it all. This kind of cruise vacations is an opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and wildlife on earth. As they last as long as 110 days, dock at upwards of thirty ports, round the world cruises take guests to the globe’s most exciting destinations in comfort and style. Another option for travelers who think it’s much time at sea is taking just an itinerary section (one of the smaller segments), so as to explore one region only. P&O Cruises, Cunard Cruise Line and Fred Olsen offer World Cruises from Southampton

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises have, believe it or not, been cruising for 170 years and tailor their interior design, menu and service style to suit British tastes. Departing from Southampton in the UK, they typically run six different routes around the world and offer both family friendly ships and adult only vessels. They have a reputation for gourmet dining, and all their chefs are members of the ChaÎne des Rôtisseurs, an international organisation for upscale dining. Ultra luxury suites complete with butlers, balconies and personal stewards are available.

The Trip: P&O Cruises’ Arcadia returns for its annual round-the-world voyage in January 2021. The 2021 itinerary sails round trip out of Southampton, bringing cruisers to 22 countries on a 99-night voyage.En route, the itinerary takes in a stop in Portugal and in a couple of Caribbean isles before transiting the Panama Canal and visiting Costa Rica, Cabo and San Francisco.Then it’s on to Hawaii and more far-flung isles in the South Pacific, before hitting up New Zealand and Australia. Arcadia makes a good run of hopping about Asia, with a few additional stops in the Middle East, before heading back to Southampton for disembarkation on April 13, 2021.

Itinerary Segments:Southampton to San Francisco, 24 nights;Southampton to Auckland, 42 nights;Southampton to Sydney, 47 nights;San Francisco to Sydney, 23 nights; San Francisco to Hong Kong, 39 nights;Auckland to Southampton, 57 nights; Sydney to Hong Kong, 16 nights; Sydney to Singapore, 23 nights; Sydney to Southampton, 52 nights; Hong Kong to Dubai, 17 nights; Hong Kong to Southampton, 36 nights; Singapore to Southampton, 29 nights; Dubai to Southampton, 19 nights


Another very experienced and quintessentially British cruise line, Cunard have been offering world cruises since 1922, including trips on the famous Queen Elizabeth ship. Aside from all the usual amenities you’d expect on a high-end cruise ship, they offer some unusual touches like a planetarium, champagne bar, the largest ballroom on any ship at sea and even an English country garden.

Cunard is running two round-the-world cruises in 2021: Choose from twoJanuary voyages aboard Queen Mary 2 or Queen Victoria.

The Trip: Queen Mary 2 is running a 113-night world voyage from New York in January. The itinerary spans five continents, including Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Passengers can also opt for a shorter, 99-night world voyage that travels round trip from Southampton, England. The voyage features overnight stays in Cape Town, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, as well as a transit through the Suez Canal. Queen Mary 2 returns to New York on April 26, 2021.

Itinerary Segments: New York to Southampton, seven nights; New York to Sydney, 49 nights; Southampton to Hong Kong, 59 nights; Southampton to Sydney, 42 nights; Southampton to Fremantle, 32 nights; Southampton to Cape Town, 14 nights; Cape Town to Hong Kong, 45 nights; Cape Town to Sydney, 28 nights; Cape Town to Melbourne, 25 nights; Cape Town to Fremantle, 18 nights; Fremantle to Singapore, 34 nights; Fremantle to Hong Kong, 27 nights; Fremantle to Sydney, 10 nights; Melbourne to Singapore, 27 nights; Melbourne to Hong Kong, 20 nights; Sydney to New York, 64 nights; Sydney to Southampton, 57 nights; Sydney to Dubai, 36 nights; Sydney to Singapore, 24 nights; Sydney to Hong Kong, 17 nights; Hong Kong to Southampton, 40 nights; Hong Kong to Dubai, 19 nights; Singapore to Southampton, 33 nights; Singapore to Dubai, 12 nights; Dubai to New York, 28 nights; Dubai to Southampton, 21 nights; Southampton to New York, seven nights

The Trip: Cruising round-trip from Southampton, this 108-night world voyage aboard Queen Victoria visits 33 ports in 22 countries, with a transit through the Panama Canal and calls offering access to more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Plus, the cruise factors in overnight stays in major cities like San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Cape Town for even fuller destination immersion.The voyage ends April 29, 2021, back in Southampton.U.S.-based cruisers can alternately and conveniently opt to board the ship instead in Fort Lauderdale or San Francisco to experience just slightly shortened versions of the full world cruise itinerary.

Itinerary Segments: Southampton to Fort Lauderdale, 11 nights;Southampton to San Francisco, 27 nights;Southampton to Auckland, 44 nights;Southampton to Sydney, 48 nights;Fort Lauderdale to Sydney, 48 nights; San Francisco to Auckland, 17 nights; San Francisco to Sydney, 21 nights; San Francisco to Brisbane, 24 nights;Auckland to Sydney, four nights; Auckland to Southampton, 64 nights;Sydney to Hong Kong, 20 nights;Sydney to Singapore, 25 nights; Sydney to Cape Town, 45 nights; Sydney to Southampton, 60 nights;Brisbane to Singapore, 22 nights; Hong Kong to Singapore, five nights; Hong Kong to Cape Town, 25 nights; Hong Kong to Southampton, 40 nights; Singapore to Cape Town, 20 nights; Singapore to Southampton, 35 nights;Cape Town to Southampton, 15 nights

Fred Olsen

Fred Olsen Cruises offer a more intimate and friendly cruising experience with slightly smaller ships and a more relaxed style of service, and as you might expect from a Norwegian owned company, gourmet seafood and fish dishes feature highly on the menu. Fred Olsen offer a wide range of cabins on all their ships, from small singles to luxurious suites and also have cruises leaving from the UK.

The Trip: This global cruise on Black Watch sails for 108 nights round trip from Southampton, England, in 2021. For this trip, the ship heads southwest from Europe, hitting Portugal and doing some island-hopping in the Canary Islands and Caribbean, before traversing the Panama Canal en route to French Polynesia and the South Pacific. Then it’s off to Australia and Asia, before looping back through the Middle East, with a Suez Canal transit. The voyage continues into the Mediterranean before Black Watch heads back north to Southampton, where the cruise ends on April 27. The cruise can also be booked from Liverpool, England, embarking Jan. 6 and returning April 29.

Itinerary Segments:Southampton to Colombo (Sri Lanka), 80 nights;Southampton to Havana, 21 nights; Havana to Sydney, 35 nights; Havana to Colombo, 59 nights; Havana to Southampton, 88 nights; Sydney to Colombo, 24 nights;Sydney to Southampton, 53 nights;Colombo to Southampton, 29 nights